Lawyers and Detectives

The database is the largest historical data base of escort services in the world. This historical nationwide database is constantly updated, adding more than 5 million ads a month. We match the dialed phone numbers from your client’s phone records, or from his cell phone, against the database. When a match is found, we will provide you a copy of the ad along with the corresponding phone number from your client’s phone records.


This powerful tool makes it easy for you to see if your client’s spouse is calling escorts, massage parlors, or any sex professionals that advertise on the Internet. is easy to use and it’s inexpensive. We have a variety of plans for you to choose from.


Monthly plans will upload all called phone numbers that appear on your client’s phone bill, or in his cell phone. You can send the information either electronically or as hard copy. will do all the entry work.

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Monthly unlimited usage subscription

You can run phone bills of all of your clients. You can do this as a matter of course, and when we find a match, we will provide you with the ad that corresponds to the called phone number. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR A CUSTOM PRICE FOR UNLIMITED USAGE.