Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I know that the database is accurate?

A. The database uses the most current search technology available. This technology allows us to pull the advertisements of sexual providers from all corners of the Web.

Q. Why shouldn’t I just call any phone numbers on the bill that appear to be suspicious?

A. Most sex providers are very savvy when receiving a phone call. Usually you will get a voicemail that is nondescript. You won’t know what type of business or whom you’re calling. Since these people are participating in an illegal activity, if they are at all suspicious, they will not return your call.

Q. Why can’t I just review credit card bills and look for charges that are out of the ordinary?

A. You should always review credit card bills for unusual charges, however, many providers do not accept credit cards, they accept cash only.

Q. What do I do if finds a match?

A. will provide you a copy of the ad that corresponds to the number that your husband called. Depending upon where you are with your marriage, you can approach your husband with proof by showing him the ad along with the matching phone number from the phone records. This will give your husband the opportunity to come clean. Now the two of you can begin the healing process to strengthen your relationship.

If the marriage cannot be saved, the proof that provides will be invaluable when negotiating a financial settlement and child custody. Also, it will give you the peace of mind that you’ve made the right decision to move forward in dissolving your marriage.

Q. My name is not on the phone bill, how can I get a copy of the phone records?

A. Ask your husband, if he refuses to furnish the bill to you, well, as the old expression goes, “Where there’s smoke there’s fire”. More likely, your husband will give you the bill in the hope that he will not get caught.

Another way is to look in your husband’s cell phone; there is a record of all called numbers. Simply copy those numbers that you don’t recognize, and submit them to

Q. How do I know that will keep my records and situation confidential?

A. operates in complete confidentially. Our only goal is to provide you with the information that you need that will help you fix your marriage. In the case where you’ve just had enough, will give you the evidence you need to move forward with separation and divorce.