About Us

CatchMyHusband.com serves as a tool for wives to find out whether their husbands are loyal or not. When we started working upon this concept and database, we found a sheer number of ads being placed by escort service providers. Our dedicated and experienced team of professionals has reached on the conclusion that sex-for-hire industry is booming and escorts are making millions of dollars day by day.


If to go with the statistics, around 50% of married men found cheating on their wives at some point in their committed relationships. The most shocking fact is that the highest percentage of these men usually cheats with professional sexual service providers. Unluckily, these flings can affect your married life a lot and drain your marriage financially. If you are noticing signs of cheating in your marital relationship, let us match your husband’s cell phone records against historical database available at CatchMyHusband.com.


When you had enough with the cheatings of your husband, simply move on legally and we have a vital role to play in this regard. In order to put your suspicion to rest, private investigators can provide great support in collecting proofs required for winning a divorce and child’s custody case. With the help of a skillful and experienced private investigator, you will definitely come to know whether your husband is cheating or not.


At CatchMyHusband.com, we leave no stone unturned to facilitate our clients with accurate proofs of their husband’s loyalty status. There is nothing more important for us than the satisfaction of our valuable clients. Our dedicated team of professionals makes use of effective search technology and let you confront your husband with complete confidence.


The ball is in your court, either you want to strengthen your relationship by discussing everything in open or want to make a move as we are ready to provide you with the necessary proofs in anyway. So, approach us today!